NDMC deploys staff to maintain greenery amid lockdown

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New Delhi, April 1 (IANS) Amid the nationwide lockdown to limit coronavirus infection, the local civic body has started a drive to protect greenery and horticulture from neglect in the Lutyens’ Delhi.

“Considering the importance of greenery, the Horticulture Department has deployed some staff, with the NDMC’s consent, to save it,” said the NDMC in a statement, here on Wednesday. It will deploy 25 per cent of the staff each day on the rotational basis.

The NDMC maintains 1,500 acres of green area, 135 green avenues, 10 major parks, 1,400 residential area parks, 52 round-abouts, 10 departmental nurseries, including 3 hi-tech nurseries.

Green area under the NDMC also comprises three international relationships memorial parks, many ‘happiness areas’ and gardens, like Nehru Park, Lodi Garden, Talkatora Garden and Sanjay Jheel, Children Park, India Gate, Central Park, Connaught Place, CWG Park and Shanti Path.

More than 20,000 heritage trees in in Lutyens’ zone are more than a century old.

NDMC said with the approaching Autumn, rise in temperature, the rate of leaf fall had increased manifold and leaves were laying in avenues, lanes, colony and major parks.

“These leaves are increasing the horticulture waste, which need to be removed and disposed. Leaving heaps of leaves may increase fire risks,” NDMC said.

Gardeners have been educated about hygienic practices, like wearing mask, frequent washing of hands with soaps, rubbing of hands with sanitiser and maintaining social distancing.



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