Aniruddh Dave: My inspiration for writing came from theatre

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Mumbai, May 26 (IANS) Actor Aniruddh Dave says that his inspiration for writing came while practising at National School of Drama, Delhi.

He said: “The inspiration (for writing) came when I was in Delhi doing theatre. I used to go to National School of Drama for practice. There I saw many people who used to read and write, and it inspired me.”

“I have read approximately 200 to 250 books. When you have a flair for reading, you automatically gain an interest in writing, too. So, from there I got the inspiration to write,” he added.

The “Patiala Babes” actor has been jotting down his thoughts in a book over the past 12 years and has not only written poetry but also stories.

His poetry consists of satire and sarcasm, and he writes political satire too. “Right now how the condition is, whether it is related to our field or the situation of the world, basically I would say, social political satire is the type of poetry I write,” he said.

The actor has penned some stories and scripts too, and confirmed that he will begin shooting one of them once things get back to normal.

“I have written stories and scripts and by the grace of almighty, very soon, after lockdown, when things get back to normal, we will be going to shoot also and that will be on a very good scale, so that the whole world can see it, because we have already spoken to the platform where it will feature,” Aniruddh said.