Ashish Sharma’s ‘rattling’ encounter with snakes

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Mumbai, May 23 (IANS) Actor Ashish Sharma has revealed that he once had a horrific experience with snakes while shooting for the show “Chandragupt Maurya”.

“We were shooting in jungle, where the Greek Army was supposed to be passing by, I had to climb a tree to hide from them. I was the only one up on the tree and the whole unit was around the tree, when we noticed a bunch of cobras approaching the tree.

“Everyone panicked and ran away, leaving me right there on the tree for an hour. We had to arrange for a snake charmer who helped us manage the snakes, and only then was I able to climb down! That was one rattling experience, literally,” Ashish shared.

“Chandragupt Maurya” airs on Dangal TV.