Hotelier Turned Actor, Influencer, Poet Akash Mehra

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When it comes to talent there is none like this lad from Mumbai, Akash Mehra a resident of Mira Road, Mumbai, he is an inspirational poet, a mimicry artist, an influencer. while his background is none of this and this just more like a hobby of his while his education has been from Vatel Nimes, France – Hotel & Tourism Business School and he has been a hotelier for a long time with working in various hotels around the globe.

Akash has been gaining a lot of popularity on social media because of his various kinds of videos and as people of this age call it vines, featuring his father and inspirational poets. While speaking to us we asked what is next 4? he says he is currently working on a sci-fi script. checking how his videos stand out on his Instagram, we can surely expect a cracker of a script.

He signs off saying to check his page for more