Indian film actress Kajal Aggarwal showcased her trick to achieve soft hair on socialmedia

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~ Parachute Advansed launched their latest social media campaign ‘The Sliding Comb’Challenge to measure the softness of one’s hair ~

Every girl ultimately wishes for silky soft hair. Withtoday’s hectic life, dust pollution and the lifestyle it’s difficult to obtain nourishment andsoftness in one product. However, regular nourishment with Parachute Advansed AloeVera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil which provides the right combination of conditioningwith Aloe Vera and nourishment with coconut hair oil will make your hair so soft thatone will be able to slide a comb through their tresses with no tangles and obstruction,and with ease.

Recognizing these results, Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oilhas introduced Sliding Comb Challenge that encourages consumers to try this challengeand measure the softness of one’s hair. Incase not soft enough, it tells consumers howthey can achieve it in two easy steps – regular hair conditioning routine with Aloe VeraEnriched Coconut Hair oil and combing the hair right to foster soft and healthy hair.

In association with Parachute Advansed, the newly married Bollywood celebrity Kajal Aggarwal took to social media, showcasing a relatable story on how hair knots andtangles were a major concern and what is her secret to ever so soft and smooth hair.The actress posted a video post on Instagram saying, My ultimate wish was to havesoft hair so that I can style it easily in my daily shoots. With Parachute Advansed AloeVera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil’s regular application it’s been so easy to achieve that.With soft hair turning all my hair woes into hair wows, I could take up the#SlidingCombChallenge with ease”.

Apart from Kajal, the Parachute Advansed Sliding Comb challenge saw over 129participants including celebrities such as Niti Taylor and Ashnoor Kaur joininginfluencers such as Shreemayi Reddy, DeepthiSunaina and may others partaking in thischallenge to flaunt their silky soft hair . These videos presented how achievingirresistible soft and beautiful hair was a relaxing hair oil massaging and conditioningsession without having to visit a parlour or resorting to any elaborate chemicalprocedure. Parachute Advansed, a brand that has been an ally of women since itsinception, truly understands the need for lustrous soft hair urges everyone to usenothing but the best to achieve it.

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