JNUSU alleges misbehaviour by security guards

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New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Days after a JNU student complained of misconduct by the security guards for preventing him from violating the lockdown, the JNUSU has accused guards of misbehaving with girl students at Tapti Hostel on April 3.

However, the JNUSU hasn’t furnished any evidence to it’s claim.
“On April 3 at Tapti Hostel, a Cyclopse Guard misbehaved with female students and also tried to enter the girls wing. The guard was drunk and had to be removed after students pressurised the security supervisor.
“With Cyclopse this is hardly a surprise. Since there appointment in September 2018, the agancy’s guards have been found to be involved in many cases of being drunk on duty, misbehaving with students and even attacking them,” the JNUSU said.
It also accused the security agency’s involvement in the January 5 violence on campus, when the ABVP and the Left activists accused each other of assault.
JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh in a statement also levelled charges against the guards of being involved in March 31 incident at the north gate and thrashing of a student on April 1.
Using words like “masculine intimidation” against the agency, the JNUSU demanded termination of its services. It also urged the DCW and the NCW to take cognizance of the matter.
However, given that many guards helped the police in identifying those involved in January 5 violence, and more recently stopping a student from violating lockdown, leading to an FIR against the student, the sudden volley of accusations appeared suspect.
The JNU administration, including the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar, didn’t respond to the IANS queries.