No separate pass for trucks, goods carriers, reiterates MHA

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New Delhi, April 30 (IANS) Taking note of reports that various state authorities insisted on separate passes for vehicles carrying goods, the Centre on Thursday clarified that “no separate passes are required” for goods cargo.

The order, issued by Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla to all state and Union Territory Chief Secretaries, stressed free movement of all goods cargo, including empty vehicles after delivery or for pick up of goods.

The order says that local authorities “must not insist on separate passes at inter-state borders across the country”.

In the communication, it has been stressed that this free movement is essential for maintaining the supply chain of goods and services across the country during the lockdown period. It has been clearly mentioned that the movement of “through traffic of trucks and goods carriers, including empty trucks, is allowed without any hindrance”.

The order said that this is essential to maintain the supply chain of goods and services in the country to boost the economy as well as to meet the demand of people amid the novel coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing nationwide lockdown.

Issued on the 37th day of the second phase of the lockdown, the order said: “All goods traffic will be allowed to ply. Movement of all trucks and other goods and carrier vehicles with two drivers and one helper subject to the driver carrying a valid licence, an empty truck or vehicle will be allowed to ply after the delivery of goods or for pick up of goods.”

The Home Ministry issued the order following inputs that at inter-state borders in different parts of the country, movement of trucks was not allowed freely and local authorities were insisting upon separate passes. On April 3 and April 12, the ministry had issued similar letters.

The order said that there is no “ambiguity” at the ground level and movement of traffic of trucks and goods carriers must allowed without any hindrance.