Lahore, April 2 (IANS) After some of its members tested positive for the coronavirus, the leadership of Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan has announced it will accept the government’s guidelines and halt operations.

Now all the tablighi groups who have gone out to preach have been asked to return to the Jamaat centres (Markaz). These returning groups are a cause of great concern to the health authorities. All these people are being kept in isolation.

Meanwhile, 14 more Jamaaties at Tabligh’s headquarter in Raiwind tested positive for the COVID-19 on Wednesday. Now a total of 41 Jamaaties are suffering from the disease.

On the request of the Punjab government, the Central Shura (Supreme Council) meeting of the institution was held at Tablig headquarters in Raiwind. In the meeting, a decision was taken to halt all activities of the Jamaat across the country. The Shura has asked the people of the Jamaat to stay put where they are and cooperate with the government officials.

After this decision, groups of Jamaaties spread across the country are now returning to the Markazes. A spokesman for the Punjab government said that all the returning groups would be kept in isolation.

The worst outbreak of coronavirus in Pakistan is seen in Punjab. The highest number of cases have been reported here. So far nine people have died due to this in the province and more than 700 people are infected with the disease.