Situation at Vizag plant under control: LG Polymers

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Visakhapatnam, May 9 (IANS) Two days after the gas leak that claimed 12 lives and affected hundreds others, LG Polymers India, here on Saturday, said the situation at the plant had been brought under control.

The initial investigation, it said, suggested the cause of incident as vapour leak from the Styrene Monomer (SM) storage tank near the GPPS (General Purpose Poly Styrene) factory.

Expressing condolences and apologies to the victims, LG Polymers India said it was committed to work with the authorities to investigate the incident, prevent its recurrence, and secure the foundation for care and treatment.

“While focusing on stabilizing the plant, we are doing our best to extend all the possible support to the people and their families affected by the incident. Our teams are working with the government to assess the impact of the damage caused and take measures to deliver a care package to be implemented immediately,” it said.

LG Polymers said it had set up a special task force to help victims and their families.

It has also promised to develop and promote mid-to-long term support programmes that can contribute to welfare of the local communities.