Sneha, Sachin, Romana & Shobhit explore Brass City Moradabad shooting for EORtv’s Game of the Sexes!

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A team of nearly 150 people are stationed in Peetal Nagri or Moradabad as the city is called since 1st week January this year to shoot EORtv’s original web series, Game of the Sexes!

A unique cricket based concept where gender equality is established with men & women playing cricket together as a team. Conceived, scripted & directed by award-winning winning Deepak Pandey, the series will have 7 episides.

Starring in this series are Shahbaz Khan, Sachin Verma, Sneha Wagh Vindhya Tiwari, Riya Deepsi Ishani Sharma, Shobhit Attray, Rumana Molla, Piyush Ranade, Shiraz Khan Zeeshan Khan, Megha Prasad, Rahul Jaittly, Annuag Batra and Mamta Kumari

In between the grueling shoot under winter conditions in Western Uttar Pradesh, some of the actors went shopping for brass. The city s renowned for brass work and has carved a niche for itself in the handicraft industry through out the world. The modern, attractive, and artistic brass ware, jewelry and trophies made by skilled artisans are the main crafts that visitors look for when visiting the city.

The variety of handcrafted items left all actors highly impressed with a promise to visit again.

Sneha Wagh playing Nidhi in ‘Game of the Sexes’ says, “The fact that India is the largest democracy in the world, the 7th largest country in the world, and one of the most ancient civilizations are known facts. Just as we know South is famous for its silks, Western India is known for its textiles, Varanasi for its Benarasi handloom & Kashmir for its Pashmina shawls, I barely knew anything about Moradabad except that it’s a 4 hours drive away from Delhi.”

“Shooting for my debut in a web series in Moradabad, Game of the Sexes on EORtv this month has helped me discover so much of this city’s heritage. Heard its called Brass City after coming here but got to see why its also a large exporter of brass to other countries when we went shopping for brass in the local markets. The work of skilled artisans in creating beautiful brassware was such a pleasant surprise & I not only bought some brass artifacts for my family but also for my friends. I cannot wait to go & explore some more shops here when I get some free time,” she adds.

Sneha’s co- stars Sachin Verma, Romana Moolah and Shobhit Attray also accompanied her on his shopping spree and loved the excellent workmanship.