Palm Sunday a closed door affair for Kerala churches

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    Thiruvananthapuram, April 5 (IANS) As the country and the world has been struck by the coronavirus pandemic, Palm Sunday was a closed door affair for churches across the Kerala.

    Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the ‘Passion Week’.
    If it wasn’t for the pandemic, starting Palm Sunday churches would be overflowing every day as special masses would be held leading to the most important ones on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
    But, sadly for all the devout Christians, for whom ‘Passion Week’ means to spend the days in prayer in churches, the national lockdown, requiring everyone to stay indoors in an effort to stop of COVID-19 spread, will only lifted be two days after Easter Sunday.
    In churches across the state, authorities have asked the Palm Sunday service to be held indoors and there should be not more than five people present, including the priests and his associates.
    However, the Palm Sunday service was available online and can be livestreamed.
    The Palm Sunday service is to commemorate Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, when palm branches were laid out on his path, before his arrest and crucifixion on Good Friday.
    This event in the state is enacted in several places on the roads, when devotees with freshly cut coconut leaves in hands walk saying prayers and singing hymns.
    Of Kerala’s 33.4 million population, 61.41 lakh are Christians.

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