Producer of Big B-starrer ‘Chehre’ pitches in for daily wage workers

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    Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Till the other day, producer Anand Pandit was busy completing the shoot of his upcoming film “Chehre”, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic spread, and all filming activity came to a halt.

    Like many celebrities, Pandit has been quick to understand the plight of daily wage earners who have been directly hit by the lockdown. So, apart from providing financial aid, he is also pitching in to ensure that the daily wage workers get regular supplies of provisions of basic needs.
    Hundreds of daily wage workers who work on his construction projects have been provided with necessary groceries for the next ten days.The package provided to every worker includes daily essentials like rice, potatoes, onions, pulses, wheat flour, sugar, and oil. The essentials have been distributed to all laborers and security guards working at his sites.
    “Daily wage workers keep our companies standing and work day and night to convert our plans on paper into reality. It is time for us to stand for them. This is not an act of philanthropy or charity. They are stakeholders in our company and this is our duty towards them. A producer loses lakhs per day when a film gets stalled or a project is delayed. But we might have options. These technicians, spot boys, daily wage owners have none. It’s heartbreaking to see them struggling to survive,” Pandit said.


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