Robbie Williams on overcoming coronavirus symptoms

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Los Angeles, April 5 (IANS) Singer Robbie Williams has shared that he suffered coronavirus symptoms while spending three weeks in isolation away from his family amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview to The Sun, the singer, 46, admitted that he felt “lethargic, tired and heavy” while staying in an Airbnb down the road from his family’s mansion here, reports
Williams’ wife Ayda Field, 40, and their three children had been staying at home while the star kept his distance in temporary accommodation.
The singer also touched on the fact that he has been managing to stay out of “dark holes” by keeping busy and looking after his mental health while in lockdown.
“I was in quarantine in an Airbnb down the road from my family and started worrying about food, about my medication running out, about beau and my family, and was just very fearful for a couple of days. Then I could feel my body was getting lethargic and tired and heavy and I convinced myself I’d got coronavirus,” he said.
The singer went on to reveal that he believes his symptoms quickly disappeared, however, he still kept his distance from his young family for three weeks before returning home.
He admitted that he has been struggling mentally with isolation.
“The mental struggle has been the hardest bit about isolation, making sure we don’t slip into our own dark holes,” he said.
Following their isolation, Williams was emotionally reunited with wife Ayda and their children last Saturday after three weeks apart. He embraced daughter Theodora, seven, and Charlton, five, in the video after running up the driveway to greet them, with Ayda, 40, sharing the heartwarming moment on Instagram.

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