Sapne Mein Kanha

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    Swapna Yoga popular in the west as visualization practice is a powerful self improvement tool especially if Krishna becomes the dream. Mandukya Upanishad talks about the importance of swapna stage and how lovely it can be if Krishna dominates the dream state in any part of our life.
    Keeping this beauty in mind, famous lyricists Dr.Krishna Bhatta & Dr.Shri Raghvendra wrote a heart touching song, which was named Sapne Mein Kanha.

    Dr. Raghvendra told in the discussion that in this Bhajan, how Lord shri Krishna guides us in dreams, he has tried to lyric in this song. At the same time, Dr Krishna Bhatta told that shri Krishna is the only God who is a friend and a guru at the same time. He can live in our hearts and come in our dreams. There is none other than Bhajan emperor Padmashree Anup Jalota who gave voice to this wonderful Lyrics & Composition. Who other than Anup Jalota can fill deep emotions in every word of the song ! Dhiren Raichura, the famous music composer who has composed the song, says, I have composed music for many songs and albums, but I always love to compose for such bhajans, especially those written and sung by my close friends. Every devotee should listen to this composition.The bhajan has been released from Red Ribbon Music Company on Janmashtami and will be available for listening on YouTube. The Bhajan is available on all other digital media platforms.

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