COVID-19: Sachin helps young doctors learn about sports injuries

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    Mumbai, April 12 (IANS) Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar on Saturday dedicated time to be part of a webinar to help young doctors learn about sports injuries in a video conferencing session.

    Tendulkar got to know through Sudhir Warrier, an orthopaedician, that several young doctors across the country were utilising the lockdown time to effectively gain more knowledge through live webinars.
    A session on Saturday was about sports injuries and knowing that sharing his experience with young doctors will help them understand sportspersons injuries and treatment better, the batting maestro immediately volunteered to be part of the webinar.
    The young orthopaedic doctors got to know how the requirements and treatment outcomes of athletes are different from regular patients.

    The webinar was attended by around 12,000 doctors across the country.
    Tendulkar is believed to have said that he’s grateful to the medical fraternity for their service and hoped his interaction helped young doctors in their learning.
    Sudhir Warrier moderated the session with Nitin Patel, physiotherapist who works with the Indian cricket team and was earlier with Mumbai Indians.
    In a video, Tendulkar is seen explaining how holding a bat has an effect on the fingers of the bottom hand and what he always advises youngsters on how to relax the fingers.

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