Mark Waugh shares pic of old bats, Sanga doesn’t have any

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) Former Australian batsman Mark Waugh on Friday tweeted a photo of his old bats that he said he found while cleaning his garage.

Waugh, who retired in 2002 after playing 128 Tests and 244 ODIs, said that he found his “arsenal of weapons” from his playing days and named which of those were his favourites.
“Cleaning the garage out today and came across my arsenal of weapons over the years. My favourite was 2nd from the end on the right. Note my Symonds Super Tusker thought it was ripper in the day but looks like a plank,” said Waugh in his tweet.
Kumar Sangakkara responded to another tweet by a fan who asked him, former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly and West Indies great Viv Richards to share pics of their old bats. Sangakkara, who played 134 Test and 404 ODIs in an illustrious 15-year international career, said that he doesn’t have any with him.
“I would love to post some pics but unfortunately I have no bats at home. None that I have used in my career. Given them all away,” he said.
The coronavirus pandemic has brought the cricket calendar to a grinding halt. Players, both former and current, have hence taken to interacting with each other and with fans on their social media handles.