Sometimes u slip on those pies too: Yuvraj reminds KP

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) Former England skipper Kevin Pietersen on Thursday shared a tweet by the official twitter handle of English Cricket where he is seen playing his famous switch hit. He captioned his tweet, ‘Smacking pies!’ And Yuvraj Singh trolled the Englishman and wrote: “Well sometimes u slip on those pies too.”

Yuvraj had gotten the better of Pietersen quite a few times during their contests on the international stage and they are known to pick on one another and engage in friendly banter.
While sporting actions across the world have come to a standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, KP believes that the IPL should happen once things return to normalcy even if that means playing the tournament behind closed doors.
“Let’s say July-August is the earliest, I do truly believe the IPL should happen,” Pietersen said on Star Sports Cricket Connected. “I do believe it is the kick-start to the cricket season. I think every single player around the world is desperate to play the IPL.
“There could be a way in which to get some money into the franchises, into the economy by having a situation where you use maybe three venues which are completely closed to fans and the players can still go out and play the tournament in three weeks or in four weeks.”
Pietersen also went on to add that having the fans watch from home is a solution. “So it’s a more condensed tournament in three venues, which we know are safe, which we know are secure. I don’t think the fans need to be risked in this situation.
“I think the fans need to understand they can’t watch a live game at the moment and they might not be able to watch a live game for the foreseeable future. [But] what would you guys give right now, to watch Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings right now?” he pointed.