Delhi health Dept expects hike in corona cases


    New Delhi, April 2 (IANS) The Delhi Health Department is expecting a jump in the COVID-19 patients in the city and is preparing to deal with the situation.

    Speaking to IANS, a Health Department official said there are thousands of people in quarantine and the government has to make preparations considering them potential positive cases.

    “The situation is under control. The preparations have to be done in advance. We cannot make arrangements after a patient tests positive,” the official said.

    Speaking about the patients from Nizammudin Markaz, the official said so far more than 50 from the building have tested positive.

    “A total of 536 patients from the Markaz are in Delhi hospitals as they were having symptoms. Another 1,810 are at quarantine centres. While the 1,810 were not having any symptoms, we have to count them as potential patients,” the official said.

    A total of 705 people have been admitted in the hospitals who can be potential positive cases, including 536 from Markaz.

    Apart from these, there are several others who are potential patients.

    “So far, 21,447 patients with foreign travel history have been kept under home quarantine. While 18,750 had completed their 14-day period, 2,697 are under home quarantine. Among those who came in contact with the positive or potential cases, 22,135 were kept for home quarantine, of which 18,607 are still under observation period.”

    Apart from these, about 3,000, including 1,810 from Markaz, are at the quarantine facilities arranged by the government.

    The official said with such a large number of potential patients, the Department cannot sit complacent.

    “We have to make arrangements for these people. Although I will still say there is nothing to panic and everything is under control, however, preparations at our end are important.”

    Along with more isolation beds and equipment, the government has to make arrangements for adequate number of PPEs and testing kits.

    “The lack of PPE and testing kits has been repeatedly raised by the medical professionals. We are in touch with the Central government. We don’t want to risk the lives of our team and so we are also in touch with private players for the kits and they will soon be arranging the kits for our doctors and medical staff.”

    The testing facility at the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital has started from Thursday, which will facilitate quicker diagnosis, the official said.

    So far, 2,621 samples were sent for testing and reports of 2,451 were received till Thursday morning.

    “A total of 170 reports are yet to come. Barring private players, there are only four testing labs in Delhi being run by the government.”

    So far, 152 people have tested positive in Delhi, and only one is under critical condition. “Two are on oxygen. The rest are stable.”

    The national capital has reported two deaths since the outbreak of the infection.