Five Bengal cops injured in attacks for trying to enforce lockdown


    Kolkata, April 2 (IANS) One sub-inspector was among five police personnel injured as police teams came under attacks in two districts of West Bengal while trying to disperse gatherings and enforce the coronavirus-induced lockdown, an officer said.

    The incidents happened at Bhangar of 24 Parganas South district and Goaltore of West Midnapore on Wednesday night.

    At Bhangar’s Kulberia, the police had gone on a campaign to raise awareness about safety issues and the need for people to stay at home to contain the spread of the dreaded infection.

    According to the police officer, when the cops reached the spot, they found a gathering of youths who were drunk.

    As the police ordered them to go home, they were attacked by locals, who also vandalised a police vehicle.

    Five police personnel including an SI were injured. Two of them sustained head wounds.

    “When we reached the spot, we saw a gathering of 50 people. They started running. The locals surrounded us and started throwing stones and bricks,” said an injured police man.

    Seven persons have been arrested in connection with the incident.

    At Goaltore, the police were attacked when they tried to remove a gathering at a tea stall.

    Two police vehicles were damaged by the mob, which also beat up the police personnel.