Goans are more susegado, than people in other states, says CM


    Panaji, April 3 (IANS) Amid continuing complaints over irregular food supply in Goa, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Thursday said, that the living condition of the local population was more ‘susegado’, compared to those in other states.

    Sawant also chided Goans for preferring to eat chicken during the ongoing lockdown, even when transportation of chicken into and within the state was banned on account of bird-flu.

    “If one looks at the condition in Goa, people here are more susegado (vis a vis availability of essential goods), compared to other states. Grocery stores are open. Vegetables are in excess, so much so 256 trucks have entered the state today,” Sawant said.

    Susegado also spelled as susegado, an Indo-Portuguese word, qualifies for a range of sentiments in Goa, which range from contentedness to relaxed to being laid-back.

    The state administration has been slammed by the opposition as well as civil society for a prolonged food shortage in Goa ever since March 22 and Sawant decision to shut down grocery stores during the early few days of the curfew.

    Sawant in a press conference on Thursday also urged Goans not to eat chicken, whose transportation in the state had been banned on account of bird flu cases in Karnataka and Kerala, from where a large quantity of broilers sold in Goa are sourced from.

    “Bird flu is on and yet people are eating chicken on the sly. People should voluntarily avoid eating chicken,” Sawant told reporters. State administration had banned transportation and sale of chicken on March 22.