India specific strategy needed to combat Covid-19: Rahul

New Delhi, April 2 (IANS) Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has emphasised that the country needs India specific strategy to combat Covid-19 which has been declared pandemic and number of cases are rising daily.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “At the Congress CWC meeting today I emphasised the urgent need to devise an India specific strategy to combat the #COVID19 Pandemic & for Congress workers & leaders to help soften the blow by assisting the poor & the most vulnerable sections of our society in every possible way.”

Rahul Gandhi while speaking in the CWC meeting said, “COVID-19 particularly attacks aged persons, people with lung disease, diabetics, persons with heart disease, making them most vulnerable. All State Governments need to issue special advisory for these categories and take care.”

“We have looked at #COVID for 2 months since February and have spoken to experts. No country in the world has attempted a lockdown with huge migrant labour without arranging for their stay, food and ration & pushing them back home.”

The former Congress President first raised the alarm on coronavirus on February 12 and urged the government to take action. In a letter to the Prime Minister he even said that he supports the 21-day lockdown initiative by the government and suggested to do more for the poor and daily wagers.