JNU warns students against violating lockdown norms


    New Delhi, April 2 (IANS) A day after a JNU student claimed to have been thrashed by security guards for attempting to go out of the campus during the lockdown, the university administration here on Thursday asked campus residents to follow Covid-19 guidelines or face disciplinary action.

    “It’s highly unsafe and deplorable that a handful of JNU students have repeatedly been violating the guidelines issued by the government and the administration to protect them from the coronavirus pandemic,” the JNU administration said.

    Without naming the student involved in the incident, it said repetition of such attempts (to flout lockdown guidelines) would call for action.

    “Those indulging in activities endangering the safety and health of JNU campus residents are cautioned not to repeat such acts. Strict action will be taken against violators of 21-day lockdown guidelines,” it said.

    It also flayed ‘a section of teachers’ who on Thursday morning issued a release supporting the student and criticising the JNU administration.

    “These students have been directly and indirectly encouraged/supported by a few faculty members while the entire JNU campus community is cooperative and adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines,” it said.

    The JNU Teachers’ Association had said, “The JNUTA would like to caution the JNU administration and the Cyclops Security personnel to not assume that they can get away with anything just because the lockdown conditions impose a responsibility on everyone to eschew for some time actions that otherwise could and would have been taken in response to what has happened.”

    In the video, gone viral, a student, identified as Pranav, can be seen sitting near the JNU gate, arguing with security guards, saying he needed to go out for an important work. He also claimed to have written permission from the hostel warden.

    “I have written permission. I will not move from here. You want to remove me than come and touch me. I will cough on you, I will spread corona,” the student is seen saying in video.