‘Strict measures prevented Covid-19 spread in Gurugram’

Gurugram, April 2 (IANS) Despite having large number of residents having foreign travel history, the COVID-19 cases in Gurugram are not increasing as compared to other states including neighbouring Delhi.

The officials of health department in Gurugram claim that strict implementation of prohibitory orders and timely measures by resident welfare associations of upscale residential complexes and societies have put breaks on spread of deadly coronavirus.

Initially, 10 residents were infected with coronavirus. The figure is still highest in Haryana but officials claim that there is no fresh positive case reported in last 9 days. Sources have said that the infected persons who are recuperated well and discharged from hospitals were in initial stage of infections and they are not having other illness.

“Majority of infected persons are foreign returnees, residing in New Gurugram. Since, they are living in housing complexes, we have asked RWAs to take street measures to implement self isolation. It has made the difference. Even, the foreign returnees have timely gone to hospitals for treatments,” said J.S. Punia, civil surgeon of Gurugram.

Another health official said that almost all residential societies have strictly implemented guideline of lockdown to protect themselves. Such a practice and awareness among residents has prevented virus to spread in community, including most vulnerable sections like domestic helpers associated with condominiums.

“Majority of residents have given paid holidays to domestic helpers. Besides, they also banned entry of outsiders. They are cooperated with district administration to implement the social distancing formula, the officer said.

“District police has also played its part by putting barricades in shortest distances and sealing entry and exit points of adjoining cities. This has also applied pressure on residents to avoid coming on roads without any valid reasons,” he said.

“We have acted swiftly in case of sealing houses and Helimandi and Dhankot and put 33 persons under quarantine after received information about they would have direct or indirect connection with Tabligi Jamat of Hazrat Nizamudin,” Punia said.

“Their samples have been sent for testing and result awaited,” Punia added.