Teen pop star Johnny Orlando wants Justin Bieber on his live series

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    New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Canadian teen singer Johnny Orlando grabbed the spotlight years ago by singing fellow Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s hit tracks. Now, the young artiste has his own music, but would still love to join forces with Bieber someday.

    He has released singles such as “What If” (featuring Mackenzie Ziegler), “Last summer” and “All these parties”. His debut EP, “Teenage Fever”, was unveiled in March 2019.
    But much before his original work, Johnny was known for giving his own twist to many of Bieber’s hits such as “Mistletoe”, “Where are u now” and “Sorry”. And it was just last year in December that the youngster tweeted to his fans: “justin bieber followed me on twitter like 5 minutes after i said on ig live that i want to open for him on tour. lol shoutout to the universe.”
    Well, with music venues being shut and tours postponed due to coronavirus crisis, it seems like he will have to wait for that opportunity.
    “I haven’t heard anything from him since he followed me on Twitter, but I would love to have him on my Instagram series ‘Alone Together’. Justin if you’re seeing this, hit me up,” Johnny, who also considers singer Shawn Mendes “one of my musical inspirations”, told IANS.
    “Alone Together” gives the 17-year-old a chance to go live with different guests. He is doing that and much more during the lockdown period.
    “I’ve gotten to really re-connect with my fans in a new way that I normally just don’t have time to do. I started a new live series called ‘Alone Together’ where I go live a few times a week with different guests. That has been so much fun!” he said.
    He is also having fun with his family in Etobicoke.
    “It’s definitely been nice to have some time to relax and hangout with my family. It’s also been really great for me because I usually go to regular school, but with all this free time I can make more content for my fans,” said the winner of MTV Europe Music Award.
    Like most music artistes, he is also working on songs inspired by the current situation across the globe.
    “I have been working on a few songs inspired by the idea of quarantine and the situation that the world is in right now. I’m not sure if they will ever be released, but it’s an interesting topic to write about,” he said.
    As for music that’s keeping him in high spirits right now, he shared: “I’ve actually discovered a ton of new music during this quarantine since I’ve had so much free time. I’m really into The Weeknd’s new album right now.”
    Meanwhile, he is excited about performing for ‘Vh1 Quarantunes’ Live on the Instagram page of Vh1 India on April 12.
    “I’m actually going to be performing my new single for the first time ever, before it is even released. I think the fans are going to be really excited about that, so I hope they tune in,” said the “Phobias” singer.
    “I usually perform for around 1000 people at my own concerts, so getting to sing for tens of thousands of people at one time on live is really cool. It s**ks that you don’t have an in-person audience in front of you, but it’s so cool to see people’s reactions in real time in the comments,” he added about doing a virtual gig.
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