UK breweries join forces to ‘buy NHS a pint’

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    London, April 11 (IANS) Breweries from across the UK were coming together to “buy the NHS (National Health Service) a pint” to recognise its contribution during the coronavirus pandemic, a media report said.

    At least 10 companies were so far taking part in the nationwide initiative, which allows drinkers to ‘Pay a Pint Forward’ for health workers, who can then claim their reward in person once the COVID-19 lockdown was over, the Metro newspaper said in the report on Friday.
    Each brewery has created an option to donate 5 pounds to NHS workers in their online stores, which will later be redeemable in pint form in pubs and taprooms.
    The co-founder of one company involved, Sam McMeekin from Gipsy Hill Brewery, told the Metro newspaper: “As small, independent brewing businesses, we don’t have an abundance of PPE or raw materials to donate, and feel we can’t do much to help except keep providing beers to all of you.
    “With that in mind though, we landed on a simple idea: With your help, we can get a drink into the hands of someone who’s really earned it – our NHS staff.
    “If you buy the NHS a ‘pint’ on any participating brewery’s web-shop, we’ll make sure that a drink gets into the hands of a well-deserving NHS worker once we come off lockdown.
    “They are true heroes and deserve to be rewarded once this crisis has passed. It’s a Pay it Forward scheme that will benefit small business as well as those that deserve our thanks.”
    The hospitality industry has been particularly badly hit by the lockdown, with the public unable to visit bars, restaurants and cafes, said the newspaper report.
    Various other companies have also been starting initiatives for the health service, including Scottish-based firm Brewgooder branded ‘One on Us’, which gifts a four pack of beer and a message of support to an NHS employee.
    The UK has 74,605 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the outbreak began and 8,974 deaths attributed to the disease.

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